Your Fish Oil Could Be Bad For You – Here’s How To Test It – Simple

Recently people have started talking about how fish oil could be doing more harm than good due to the ethyl ester. How can you determine if your fish oil is a natural triglyceride or an ethyl ester? How can you know that the ethanol in your wine and other drinks are not going to make a hole in the styrofoam? With a simple, inexpensive and rapid method. By using Styrofoam cups you can know in minutes if yours is the natural TG or the ethanol EE form.

Here’s The Test:

1) Cut an Omega 3 Or Fish Oil Capsule and put it inside a styrafoam cup

2) Place the cup on a plate to avoid any mess

3) Observe the cup for 10 minutes

If the fish oil has leaked through the cup it contains EE.If the fish oil has leaked significantly through the cup it contains EE. Due to their chemical composition, EE will actually eat straight through the styrofoam cup. This effect will become evident after just a few minutes; however, significant leakage is seen after 10 minutes. Natural TG fish oils placed in the same cup will not show leakage after 10 minutes.  Personally, just to be sure I left my good fish oil in the cup overnight and still no leakage!  If you found this helpful, Share it with your friends on Facebook!