Target Wants To Serve You Cocktails While You Shop!

HACKENSACK - JULY 11: Shoppers walk past a Target department stoSuperstore chain Target has just found a new way to get us to spend more money! As if all the impulse buying I do at target wasn’t enough, they are now serving cocktails and bottles of booze! One store in Chicago is slated to open this October customers will be able to take a break from their impulse buying and shopping sprees to indulge in a drink (or more)!

Crain’s Chicago reported that the new location applied for TWO liquor licenses, apparently one wasn’t enough!  One of the licenses will be to sell packaged alcohol on the shelves and the other will be to serve beer, wine and spirits from a bar inside the superstore!

Bartender is making cocktail at bar counter, toned image

If given approval, this will be the first Target store to serve alcohol from a bar at their location. I wonder if they’ll add a few bright “Target” red signature cocktails to their menu! I can just see it now, shopping at target while sipping a glass of wine….sounds like an impulse buying extravaganza! Whoever is leading the team at Target is definitely Genius. Share this on Facebook if you’d like to drink while you shop!

Source: Delish