Sexy Vs. Breastfeeding – A Social Experiment

In a social experiment, a model sat on a bench for an hour.  She had a lot of cleavage showing, but no one said anything to her.  I take that back, one guy flirted with her.  A woman sat on the same bench and breastfed her child.  People stopped just to tell her how disgusting she was.  Then they sat both women next to each other on a bench and people walked by and told the woman who was breastfeeding she was disgusting, but not the model with cleavage.  When asked why the breastfeeding mother was disgusting, but the model was not.

One man’s response was “Because that’s hot and that’s just disgusting.”

My question is why is it OK to show cleavage, but not OK to feed your child?  Breastfeeding is NATURAL and beautiful.  I hope that everyone who watches this video realizes the double standard here.  Please SHARE this on Facebook and help normalize breastfeeding!