Service Dog Calms Owner During An Asperger’s Meltdown…Their Bond Is Amazing!

This video of a service dog calming down his owner during an Asperger’s meltdown. The woman posted the video to bring awareness to what it is like to have Asperger’s on a daily basis. Here is what she had to say:

“This is what having aspergers is like. Please no negative comments this really happened and it’s not easy to open myself and share what it’s like on a daily basis. This is what’s considered a meltdown. Yes Samson is alerting. I trained him to alert to depressive episodes and self harm not both but he alerted. It appears the response is late but it’s actually supposed to be as I’m coming out of the meltdown as I tend to have a panic attack after.”

This is yet another reminder to everyone that we have no idea what kind of challenges people are dealing with on a daily basis. Please SHARE this on Facebook to help raise awareness and show your support!

2 Responses

  1. linda

    My heart goes out to you. Truly broke at the sound of your cries and the sight of your beautiful dog doing his best to help you.

  2. Jen

    You have a wonderful dog (friend). My child also suffers from Asperger’s and has a cat that does the same thing. The cat will get as close as possible and then hug them. The cat never leaves their side.