Principal Paddles 5 Year Old Boy While Mom Helplessly Stands By

School is supposed to be the place where children flourish. They should feel happy, safe and never have to worry about being physically assaulted. That isn’t the case for one Georgia family. School became a nightmare after a principal paddled a terrified five year old as punishment for spitting on another child.

According to NBC News, Perez was arrested two prior to the incident for truancy after Thomas missed 18 days of school for doctor’s appointments. She was released, but says the principal threatened her if she didn’t allow her son to be hit. “They told me if he could not get a paddling he would have to be suspended and if he got suspended for even one day I WILL go to jail for truancy,” she explained on Facebook. “I could not go to jail or my kids would have nothing … I can’t take care of my kids in jail.” So she pretended to be texting, but instead she took a video of the horrifying incident.

WARNING: This video will make you want to cry.

The Principal and another woman lined Thomas up at a chair for his paddling. He screamed, cried and pleaded. He tried hiding his backside and even yelled “Mommy, help me!” The pricipal said she’d only hit him once, but the other woman says “unless you wiggle around.” This is a total nightmare for the child and the parent. I can’t believe his mother was there and felt powerless to stop the situation.

In a statement, the Jasper County School District said it “is aware of the video released by Ms. Perez. Unfortunately, the district is barred by state and federal law from commenting about the specifics of this incident. The district respects every student’s right to privacy.” NBC News reported.

The statement added that under school rules, which it says are provided to all parents, corporal punishment is permitted “as one of the consequences of behavior.”

It added: “When corporal punishment is used, it is with parental consent. The district is investigating the incident and looking into its discipline policies at this time.”

Almost half the school districts Georgia state allow the practice, NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA reported.

Thomas was completely violated.  How can this be legal at all? How can a teacher be allowed to lay a hand on someone else’s child.  Please Share this on Facebook if think that this should be against the law.