Mom Lets 4 Year Old Use Public Restroom By Herself And Knows Something Went Wrong When Teenagers Come Out Laughing

Nicole Langmead was dining at McDonalds with her daughter Kaya when needed to use the restroom. Nicole allowed her daughter to go by herself “like a big girl.”

Kaya saw two girls coming out of the bathroom laughing, but didn’t know why. She waited in line to use the bathroom, but had no idea what was in store for her.

“There was super glue on the toilet seat,” Kaya says. “And it hurt my hands and my bum. I didn’t even know it.”
The two girls seen leaving the bathroom were between the ages of 16 and 18. They decided to pull a prank on McDonald’s by covering the toilet seat and the baby changing table with the super glue. Unfortunately, little Kaya happened to be their victim.

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When Kaya came out of the bathroom crying, her mother Nicole went in to see what happened. That’s when she noticed the super glue on the toilet seat. When she checked her daughter back side, the skin was really sore. Metro reports that the skin had been “ripped off”.

McDonald’s treated Kaya really well and gave her a balloon to help her calm down. They also reported the accident to the police. It is unknown if the teenager girls were trying to target a specific person or just wanted to play the prank in general. Police are currently investigating this issue.

Would you let a 4 year old child use a public restroom by herself?