How To Keep Your Hands Completely CLEAN During Messy Diaper Changes!

Mother changing diaper of adorable baby

My daughter is allergic to hand sanitizer which is what I did until I realized her skin was reacting to it, and it was so annoying to change her diaper, then try not to touch her with the messy hands (that I had wiped with baby wipes…but there was still bacteria on them I’m sure) then go wash my hands. Especially with a young baby, it’s sometimes hard to even put them down long enough to wash your hands after a diaper change. A lot of times they want to be fed or something else after. This is something I learned while my daughter was actually in the hospital. The nurses had to wear gloves every time they touched her, including diaper changes. The second I saw it, I thought why haven’t I been doing this all along? It’s such a simple solution and works like a charm! It’s also nice when applying diaper rash cream, that way the cream doesn’t get stuck under your fingernails or make a mess! I am a germaphobe and I absolutely love this solution! Here are the two gloves that I like best:

exam gloves

Dynarex SafeTouch Nitrile Exam Gloves, Non Latex, Powder-Free, Medium, Box/100

Synthetic Vinyl Powder Free Glove with Size: Medium 100 count

GREAT GLOVE 20015 fit-L-BX Latex Powder-Free fit 4.5-5 mil General Purpose Glove, Large, Natural (Pack of 100) These ones are biodegradable!

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