4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed In Public – Best Public Service Announcement EVER!

I want to take this woman to lunch and thank her for making this video!  This is spot on and shows another part of how mixed some people can be!  If you like this video, Share it on Facebook!

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    • Mark

      Breast feeding in public is SO cool because it doesn’t guarantee your parenting skills are so inept that you won’t produce the next serial killer to be featured on the 11:00 news!

    • Mom

      Actually I find public breast feeding much less offensive than exposed cleavage and scantily glad women. Unfortunately in the U.S. The social script for breasts is about sex vs what God created them for. You can watch a breast job on TV and any costume malfunctions on celebrity appearances usually go viral male and female. Seems like the baser nature of humans wins. I just see it as a private matter between mother and child and sometimes a situation occurs where it needs to be performed in public. I am respectful of this personally I chose to pump since I did not enjoy breast feeding at all. On the other hand I don’t like others choices to be thrust on me in viewpoint or in an inappropriate public venue. This invites judgement and criticism which is also wrong. But I don’t think cell phone usage in a five star restaurant table is polite either. I think it is a situational decision based on respect, privacy if possible, and necessity vs shame, judgement, disrespect and entitlement. I am a mother, had breast cancer and have had some experience. Unfortunately we live in a nation of eighth graders fascinated with breasts, and infants get hungry on their timetables but society being what it is if it is done publicly it becomes a public issue open to videotaping, photos, rude comments etc. I am not saying it is right just my observations and viewpoint I would want someone watching me I’m too shy. And breast feeding at a wedding reception table is not socially appropriate I guess we need some etiquette rules agreed upon in a gentile society. It is about the social script at that time. Thanks hope I did not offend.

      • Shy

        So if a baby is hungry at a wedding reception he should go hungry and cry and scream and make everyone else miserable for the reception? I know that my little mam will NOT take a bottle at all (and I tried for 3 months straight). So does that mean I can’t go to a friend’s wedding or he has to go hungry because it’s “rude” to feed him during a wedding reception? I think that you can try to cover up the portion of your breast that is showing so people don’t need to see your nipple for a extended period of time but to tell a woman she can’t feed her child in a place like a wedding reception is ridiculous.

      • jen

        You have missed the point by one billion miles, feed the bby in public, just cover up the breast part, noone ever said let the bby go hungry. Just be discrete,

      • Korine

        Um…why do you need to cover up the breast part? If you’re that sensitive that you’re offended by some breast skin, then you have some issues. Like, work out in therapy issues.

      • Tasha W

        Be Discrete? Really??? – Are you discrete when YOU eat out in Public? So, why should a baby be?

      • kay

        Tasha…maybe because when we eat it doesn’t involve sucking on a boob…just food for thought

      • Lori

        Guess what Jenn? You can’t make me…so, I’m going to plop the boobie out. Nothing you can do about it but pout and complain like a little bitch!

      • Anonymous

        But why does one need to be discrete? Western society had made breastfeeding so taboo. Its quite sickening.

      • Anonymous

        ever try feeding a baby with a blanket on its head…..Mine didnt like it

      • Christina

        Oh don’t worry! In our culture kids are often barred from weddings anyway so no problem, right? *puke*

      • Anonymous

        You completely miss the point, it’s saying we should breath feed in public and making fun of the society and anyone who think we shouldn’t

      • Kmi

        Right? How was the sarcasm missed on this one? Come on ladies give your tits a shake I mean heads a shake, it’s a joke.

      • Anonymous

        So, have some decency and go to the restroom to feed your child.

      • Breastfeeder

        Would you eat in a public restroom? I think not.

      • phyl

        Eww. Go where people poop and bacteria everywhere to feed your baby? Gross. I’d have to clean the toilet before sitting then. Sanitize my hands before feeding baby. All while having to hold baby to do it . Because you’re offended by a boob.

      • melody

        you go eat your dinner in a restroom where someone just took a shit and see how you like it

      • kay

        I couldn’t agree more thank you! …the question should be…how could a woman be okay with pulling out her breast in public??…for any purpose

      • Anonymous

        All the people saying ew germs in a bathroom ew! You know theres probably more germs on your hands after holding a cell phone than on a toilet seat right?

      • Jen

        “Have some decency and go to the restroom”??? What is indecent is everything your simple little comment just implied and represents.

      • john

        I hope you are a troll for saying such idiocies…

      • Anonymous

        do u want to eat in a restroom where u and others
        shit I don’t think so

      • Anonymous

        Then remember next time you want to eat to got to the restroom and eat and see how it feels

      • Ashley

        I will feel my baby in a restroom when you eat your lunch in the bathroom, k?

      • Anonymous

        How bout you go eat in a public restroom and see how appealing that is….

      • adam

        Because everyone knows private lounge rooms are everywhere.

      • Nin

        How you could just leave for a few minutes to a let’s say more discreet place..?

      • Mike douglas

        I guess you never breast fed a baby before if you think it only takes a couple of minutes. and how is breast offensive in the first place

      • Fedges

        Your both right but the edicat would be to excuse yourself to take care of your child while still enjoying your Wedding for the time it takes to feed your child and get back to the fun

      • Lou

        Every nursing mother I’ve known (including myself–mother of five) has managed to accomplish it without showing a single part of the breast. Otherwise, it would certainly distract from the bride and groom!

      • Anonymous

        How about take “little mam” into a private side room or restroom so people at the wedding reception don’t have to see your nipple at all.

      • destiny

        Wtf you dumb ass did you not read it or are you just stupid she said if you know what your doing you dont see shit so go be an ignorant man and go do something like oh lock yourself in a room.

      • Anonymous

        This was satire, sarcasm. She was poking fun at the ridiculousness of the idea. She is pro breastfeeding.

      • Dee

        Why do you need to take him so bad to a wedding. How is it even approproate. Who the Hell brings a baby to a wedding? Haven’t you heard of babysitters.

      • ValC

        Whoever wrote saying not to bring your baby to the wedding is ridiculous, unless the invite says no babies or kids, then I’m bringing mine. Anyone who knows me well enough to invite me to their wedding knows I have a baby & that unless otherwise asked, she’ll be with me. Id be upset of any of my guests had felt their child wasn’t welcome.
        I’ve had to whip my boob out to feed my little one in public because she was unconsolable, I had accidently left my cover up in the car (parked far away) and there wasn’t any “lounge” or private area to go to. I do try to be modest, nevertheless, I’ll do what I have to do in order to feed my child.
        And on the other end, I’d rather my kids see a womans boob in the midst of her feeding a baby then on giant posters of models in under wear.
        This video rings soooo true, I love it.

      • kay

        I totally agree Dee. Leave the kid home for a couple hours with a babysitter. Any friend who would be offended by the request to leave their little one home for a wedding probably isn’t the best friend to have if they really need explained why they wouldn’t want a screaming kid at their wedding…even if you’d be willing to “whip out your boob” to try and stop the distraction. Good grief.

      • Jennifer

        You can’t just get a babysitter for every breastfed baby! Some mothers cant pump milk or don’t have a pump. Some breastfed babies wont eat from a bottle, even if its their mothers milk (they are just not use to it). Since the hungry baby will therefore cry most, if not all, of the time the parents are gone, getting a sitter is not really an option. Besides, its up to the bride and groom whether they want children at their wedding. I encouraged it because I wanted my guests with children to feel comfortable. I even provided a play area within the reception with children’s games and child-sized tables. So there!

      • Mary Lou Manion

        Perhaps the solution to this scenario, would be to leave baby at home with a sitter, and pump some bottles of milk for him to drink? I’m not sure a wedding is a place where they want to see a crying baby (or hear one during the ceremony) JMO of course. Others may disagree…oh..and just to be perfectly clear..I’m not objecting to breast feeding in public, I just think one should have some regard for social affairs where baby doesn’t need to be.

      • Anonymous

        I would be very upset if any of my friends felt they should leave their child at home to come to my wedding. Weddings are ment to be shared with those you love and any friend on mine would be more then welcome to bring her baby. I honesty don’t think I would want to have friends who could not accept a mothers need to breastfeed.

      • Jennifer

        I repeat: You can’t just get a babysitter for every breastfed baby! Some mothers cant pump milk or don’t have a pump. Some breastfed babies wont eat from a bottle, even if its their mothers milk (they are just not use to it). Since the hungry baby will therefore cry most, if not all, of the time the parents are gone, getting a sitter is not really an option. Besides, its up to the bride and groom whether they want children at their wedding. I encouraged it because I wanted my guests with children to feel comfortable. I even provided a play area within the reception with children’s games and child-sized tables. So there!

      • Mom

        While your ideal is a good one, not all breastfed babies can just be left with sitters. My little one refuses to drink from a bottle even if it’s my milk I’ve tried from beginning to offer both to try get him use to a bottle so he can be left with others but he refuses the bottle and will cry and cry from hunger pains until I feed him from the breast. I’ve always been discret when feeding him and it looks more like he’s laying in my lap asleep than anything. Also after a few months I wasn’t able to pump at all. Just something to think about not all moms can pump and not all babies will take a bottle (he has refused a passy from day 1 also)

      • Lara

        Just go in a bathroom or powder room or den or bedroom wierdo. Because I have to poop or blow my nose should I stay home from social functions? No. These things are natural, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see you do them.

      • Jennifer

        Yes, because pooping and blowing your nose are in the same category as breastfeeding. That category apparently being “disgusting bodily functions”. Really, think about it. I have just one thing to say to you: These babies put the “mamm” in “mammal”, so respect them for their important and life-sustaining purpose!!!

      • Ashley

        I assume you eat in the bathroom as well then, correct? Why would my child eat in a bathroom if you dont?

      • Joe

        It doesn’t mean you can’t go to a reception, it means go to a private room like a bathroom or your car or somewhere less public.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think that’s what they’re saying. I breastfeed my son but I would never breastfeed him at a table at a wedding. It is totally inappropriate. I went to a wedding last month and simply went into a quiet spot in the foyer/reception to feed him. It is a natural process but we need to respect that maybe people don’t want to see us breastfeed as they enjoy their meal. A little subtlety goes a long way.

      • Kmi

        You’re cool. Not trolling. I like your level headedness and open attitude to both parties. I find it rare in this day and age especially on this subject. You get an Internet etiquette award.

      • Anonymous

        You have worded that perfectly. I am all for breast feeding in an more private place. As a mom of a teenage boy I would hope we could stroll down the mall and not be looking at naked breasts. It is embarrassing as the mom and he is very shy. Cleavage is one thing–entire breast not necessary. It’s boils down to respecting other people and that seems to be lost in today’s times.

      • Cindy

        Don’t take babies to wedding receptions…they should not be there anyway.

      • Anonymous

        If u know ur gonna be out at his feeding time, plan ahead and pump

      • Anonymous

        NOT ALL WOMEN CAN PUMP!! I’ve tried and tried with three different kind of pumps. I’d love to be able to pump extra and have on hand when needed but my breast won’t allow milk to be pumped. It’s not as easy as you may think. I know women who can pump extra milk to even sale or donate. Not everyone can pump!!!!

      • Anonymous

        My kids refused bottles. From now on I will plan when they get hungry!

      • Janis

        Take the child out of the wedding to breast feed. Women who breast feed in public are like smokers….they always think they are being put out because they have to take it elsewhere but your choice should not influence the people around you. If having a baby breast feed means you have to miss an event then so be it. The baby should be worth that. Btw EVERY baby will take a bottle if there is no other choice. If something should happen to a breast feeding mother and she can no longer feed the baby, you think that baby will just give up and starve itself to death? Never has happened.

      • Anonymous

        Not every baby will take a bottle and not every baby will take a passy!!
        In order to force a baby to take a bottle like you mention means endless hours of crying and screening or simply not eating for hours on ends. I’ve tried to offer both from the beginning to get him use to them and he would refuse the bottle and take the breast.
        Leaving my 3mo old with my parents for two days with plenty of bottles of breast milk and he refused to take them!! He would cry himself to sleep then wake up cause he’s hungry. They finally were able to spoon fed some water off of stewed potatos but he refused a bottle and when I got back he ate like there was no tomorrow from breast!

      • Anonymous

        You must be a special kind of stupid to compare a breastfeeding mother to a smoker. One has NOTHING to do with the other. Smoking is bad for your health. Breastfeeding is the healthiest thing you can/should do for a baby. My family encorages children to be a special events. To say every baby will take a bottle is pure bullshit and you either don’t have kids or never breastfed exclusively. A baby may not starve itself to death before accepting a bottle but it CAN make itself VERY sick before giving in. Breastfed babies who lose their mothers can and have been hospitalized because of it.

      • Ashley

        Your statement is false. I tried for an entire year, weekly, to have my son take a bottle. He absolutely refused. To this day has never had a bottle and he is 3. And yes, some babies do starve themselves. Apparently you have not done any research. There have been numerous accounts of mothers taking their infants to the ER because they figured their child would eventually take a bottle. You are very ignorant in this matter.

      • Anonymous

        You are not that bright…… Omg. Comparing breastfeeding to smoking????
        Plus, I had an unexpected work day and was gone 9 hours….. My 7 month old refused all bottles…… Maybr at some point she would have taken them, but I would rather feed her the way she wants.

      • HM

        We tried 12 different bottles, syringes, spoons, straws, sippy cups, and more. My daughter will not take anything other than a boob! 12 hours a day she goes without food because she refuses anything but a breast. So if I’m not at work, that baby is attached to me and I will nurse her wherever I am. I CHOOSE to cover up out of kindness to those who are uncomfortable, but I do not feel any woman should NEED to cover up.

        In my opinion, families belong at weddings. We should encourage children to witness marital commitments. That said, if the invitation is to only adults, then I wouldn’t bring a baby if the baby can take a bottle, but in my situation if you don’t want the baby, then I love you, but I’m not having her go more than 12 hours without food, and wont attend. The problem isn’t bringing the children…the problem is not PARENTING the children. My children have never sat there screaming ANYWHERE. Maybe that’s because I always had a boob I could throw in their mouths 😉 and once they were too old for that, they had been “trained” in appropriate behavior.

      • Kasey

        It’s called a breast pump and a bottle. Feeds just like the real thing.

      • D

        I would not bring a child to a wedding reception. No one wants to hear a baby crying…yes if you don’t have a sitter…STAY HOME.

      • Anonymous

        So where should a mother breastfeed at a wedding reception?! Suggesting she MISS special moments happening at the wedding so she can sneak to the bathroom and hide? Nutso. A breastfeeding tent with sheer curtains so she can have privacy and still experience the wedding is highly unlikely provided by the bride/groom.

      • Anthony

        A tent for breastfeeding moms? You guys are nuts… let moms breastfeed where they want for crying out loud!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        How about her car if no where else is provided. He’ll that will be the next drinking and driving thing. These mothers who can’t help but flopping it all out there will start demanding that it has to be ok to have kid attached to boob while driving because little precious can’t wait till they pull over.

      • Sarah

        A car, seriously? So in summer, when it hits 100 outside (and it will) and is easily 120 in the car, women should take temperature sensitive infants outside, sit in the hot car, cover them up with a blanket, and then insist they eat like that? Would YOU eat outside in 100+ weather with a blanket over YOUR head?

      • Leeanne

        Leave whatever your’e doing and run off to your car ladies. Regardless of the temperature of the car but still cover up just in case some one walks by and looks into your car and sees you giving sustenance to your child.
        These are disgusting suggestions….bathroom,car,hell..why even leave the house?!
        I agree with the video. It’s okay to exploit women for sex and the needs of MEN? It’s okay to wear string bikinis only cover nipples *maybe*this is acceptable even for young ladies? ! Breast feeding your child… providing the best you can for your baby. Providing nutrients created naturally by your body specifically for YOUR child to give them the best start to life. No, no, no! Feed them formula that is mass produced, full of fillers and chemicals that no baby should ingest. Because we wouldn’t want to offend anyone by bearing a breast for their intended *use*
        BUT, by all means wear that string bikini to exploit your selves!

      • ValC

        Seriously? Because a mom who has the baby’s best interest at heart is really going to demand feeding while driving? You honestly think they would put their babies hunger before safety? That’s the most ridiculous response. It’s not the same thing. Get a clue.

      • kay

        Sarah…if it’s 100 degrees outside you probably shouldn’t have your infant with you in the first place, hire a babysitter for a few hours. Also, apparently you didn’t realize this…but most cars have AC lol

      • Bhkllb

        Then leave your kid at home or don’t go to the wedding! FYI, the wedding is not about you. so yeah, you might have to miss some moments at the wedding of you bring your newborn baby (ridiculous anyway). If someone whipped out their boob and breastfed at MY wedding without the decency to use a blanket to cover themselves I would be livid. And I am a woman who did breastfeed my kids.

      • Anonymous

        Wellp, guess I’m not allowed out of the house till my son is a toddler then! Or perhaps since he won’t take a bottle, I should let him starve? Find a wet nurse?

      • Patrick S.

        At home. If the baby is that small and needs breastfeeding, stay at home. You are the one putting your own wants in front of the baby’s needs. I am 100% for breastfeeding, just not in public places.

      • Sharon

        If a baby can’t be fed at a wedding reception; then I guess, people shouldn’t eat either. I find the way some people eat offensive, can I ask them not to eat at a wedding?

      • Anonymous

        I think You should !! Absolutely!! If those people can ask a baby to eat at a restroom……. you can ask them to go eat there too (;

    • Raul Colon

      this is such crap god gave women to feed kids why is it offensive when women wear less with out being a mom its just insecure women that finds it offensive its OK to see tits every were but its wrong to feed your baby sick society we live in. and that woman talking is stupid.

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t care pull them both out do what ya gotta do nothing wrong with seeing a nice pair

  1. Nikki Wolf

    I couldn’t agree more!!!! As a breastfeedin mommy of 2.5 I never conformed to what the world said I should do. Thank you for your outlook.
    On a separate note.. Have you ever heard of Jamberry Nail wraps? You have an awesome personality and I would love you on my team. Message me of you’d like to try a sample.

    • Chelsea

      Well this was almost great until you shamelessly plugged jam berry. This woman in the video isn’t the one who posted it on the blog….. Two different blogs

  2. Melodie Geron

    This was so funny! How and why would any one be offended when there are so many women that show so much breast just by what they wear!

  3. Carolyn Bishop

    When showing all the wonderful alternatives to breastfeeding in public when out, you forgot about the hot car, in the back seat so you can’t be seen from the front glass, after climbing over a carseat with a baby in your arms.

  4. John

    I’m just curious as to where all this animosity is that I keep hearing about towards publicly breast feeding mothers. I admit I’m a man and have never had to do it. It’s just that all I every hear is the women complaining about not being able to but not a peep from people saying they shouldn’t. No intended sarcasm in my question. Legitimately asking because at this point in time it sounds more like women judging women which is hardly a far cry from their modus operandi.

    • Stazya

      There are a lot of stories about women being kicked out of restaurants or told to feed their children in restrooms or changing rooms. I was told I was being rude when I was feeding my baby at the waterpark near the toddler pool because I was also watching my 2-year-old play.

      • Nurse

        I would have let these people have it Joy style (from my name is Earl). Breastfeeding moms, pull them out, feed your lovely baby what they deserve! I had to breastfeed my 3 week old son in the emergency room (he had a fever). I tried to cover up, but the blanket fell. Some nice gentleman in his 40’s picked it up for me and said “this is dirty now, I will put it in your baby bag.” He was not offended and did not stare; on the contrary, the 70 year old man across from me told me that I was being rude. the 40 year old man stood up for me and said “if you don’t like it, you can go sit somewhere else.


      I for one say they should cover up because i know a young lady who literally didn’t get invited to my daughter’s wedding even though they were friends because she had no qualms about exposing herself around my daughter’s fiance while feeding a child who was old enough to have stopped breastfeeding. I for one don’t want my husband being inticed by another woman’s breasts. All I ask is cover up.

      • Jacklyn

        I really hope you’re keeping with the theme and being sarcastic here…

      • April

        Not all babies will let you cover them up. Hell I tried throwing a sheet over my head and my son wouldn’t have it. Do you like to eat in a blanket fort? Too muggy for me personally.

      • Leah

        My idiot comment was to the person that blamed the breast feeding mom for “enticing” her husband by the way….I think if your husband is enticed by a child eating it’s dinner…..he’s the problem…..that’s just pathetic…..it’s a source of food for gods sake…..give your head a shake, I hope your daughters friend had enough sense her head to terminate that friendship quickly…..

      • Anonymous

        Omg I totally agree with you. Your husband is the problem, not the breastfeeding mother

      • jamie

        Yes. As soon as I saw the little part about her hubby all I could think was “hubby’s got issues”

      • Anonymous

        If you husband get turned by a woman breastfeeding then your husband has problems.

      • faith

        If you are that worried about your husband being enticed, your husband is the problem; not the breastfeeding mother.

      • Tim Bucktu

        …and the husband’s problem is his to be wife.

      • Tami

        Sounds like some trust & security
        Issues in your family. Did everyone else at the wedding have to eat with a blanket over their heads ? Or just the women. (Do the groom & your husband wouldn’t stare)

      • Tracy

        Oh gawd…if your man is getting worked up over a breastfeeding mom..you have bigger problems

      • Anthony

        RHEUZISKA SAGER while all you ask of breastfeeding moms is to cover up, all they ask of you is to just keep your requests for covering up to yourself. Be loving to your fellow moms and enjoy and celebrate life through breastfeeding!

      • Anonymous

        Wow. I hope your daughter comes to understand that her self image and worth and righteousness is her own.

      • Anonymous

        If ur husband cant show self control maybe he shouldn’t of been invited?that goes for anyone that cant see food is essential for life

      • Y'all are idiots

        If your husband is enticed by milk streaming from a nipple, you have bigger issues to deal with than a random woman breastfeeding.

      • Back at ya

        And if your husband/man thinks the latest trend of shaved bald womanhood, much like that of a prepubescent child,to be at all arousing,you too may very well have a spouse with major issues

      • Jenni

        A man and a fiance should not be “enticed” by a mother breastfeeding her baby. If that is the case, you are promoting rape culture by saying that your husband and daughter’s fiance couldn’t help themselves from making advances towards the women. She is not ‘asking for it’ by feeding her baby. Both men are grown adults who should know proper etiquette to not get a hard on and hit on said mother. She probably doesn’t want the sleaziness of that sort of man.

      • Brandi

        Thank you! I can’t believe she actually posted that! Of course her daughter has that outlook since it’s clear it was inherited from the mother.

      • Rheuziska Sager

        Well I can see you all didn’t get the meaning. I NEVER said my husband or my daughter’s fiance got a hard on or were perverts. ACTUALLY they were pretty grossed out because this young lady was at OUR home for a cookout and proceeded to plop her breast out without even trying to keep herself from being exposed. My son-in-law (who at the time was just my daughter’s fiance) told my daughter HE didn’t want this girl invited to the wedding because he thought it was gross and VERY inconsiderate of this girl to not have anymore consideration for myself, my daughter and her own body to not want every man around to be looking at her. As far as covering up – the only reason I can think of that a child would not want to be covered is because you never did it from day one. I breastfed both of my daughters and ALWAYS put a light receiving blanket over them and my shoulder. They never had any issues with being covered. I respect breastfeeding and think everyone should do it it physically able because it is best for the baby – my point is have some respect for your own body and other women that they don’t have to feel you are trying to get their husbands or boyfriends or fiances to “sneak a look”. If you are married – would you feel comfortable with your husband looking at another woman’s breast? Or do you think he is so perfect that he wouldn’t do that? And for your information – my husband is VERY disciplined because he is a licensed minister and feels that this is something men need to work on – disciplining their eyes – if a man looks on a woman with lust in eyes mind he has committed adultery with her in his heart. I am just asking to be discreet and not just bare all for the world to see because you “have the right”. May God bless you!

      • HM

        I wouldn’t want my hubby watching porn but I have NO problem with him watch a baby being breast fed.

        I don’t think uncovered feeding in public means you don’t have respect for yourself…I could understand if you felt it wasn’t showing respect for those who may struggle with the sight and become sexually aroused even though I disagree with you.

      • Paula

        Lol! If your husband is that easy to entice you must have to blindfold him to go out in public!

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry but if you or your husband can see something sexual about feeding a baby you need serious help

      • HM

        If you’re that concerned about your hubby’s eye, you have bigger issues than the breast feeding momma’s boob. If I saw a woman’s boob, I’d point it out to my hubby and say, “Look quick, free show!” All you really see once they’re latched on is some skin. Maybe you don’t like it, but come on people, get over it!

    • heather

      I think all you have to do to see this “animosity” is keep scrolling down the comments here. :/

      Not every breastfeeding mom has personally faced this criticism outright, but we all know someone who has, and most of us endured at least a “stinkeye” at one time or another. And even when there isn’t direct abuse or mistreatment of a breastfeeding mum to her face, there is still this widespread public opinion in general (visible in some of the comments here), which leads new and nervous mums to give up on trying to breastfeed because they’re too afraid of the potential for condemnation if they should ever dare try to leave their homes.

    • Heather

      I had mall security called on me while I was feeding my youngest and watching my oldest play in the play area. They said I was exposing myself to children. And I was using a cover. Thank goodness the officers new my husband because that could have been a fun afternoon.

    • ValC

      If you take a look at sone of the comments in this thread, you’ll see some people’s comments about not breast feeding in public.

    • Jennifer

      Hmmm… Did you read the comments to this post where women wanting to breastfeed were called “weirdos” and “selfish” among other things and the suggestions were made to breastfeed in a restroom, in a hot car, or stay home. And you still doubt there is an issue???

  5. Anonymous

    If you breast feed in public, that is your right, it is not a crime. That being said, I believe breastfeeding falls into the same category as PDA, when it comes to making people uncomfortable. If those people are uncomfortable, they should look away, simple right?

    • C

      Not really the same at all. When breastfeeding in public there is a hungry child involved.

      • Serious

        When breast feeding in public there is usually a hungry man involved too!

      • Tim Bucktu

        A woman breast feeding is not a provocative sight. Gay guys don’t care, most straight guys don’t care, straight women shouldn’t care. That leaves lesbian’s and bi’s as the only people possibly affected\offended by PBF. So what’s up with you people, stop being affected\offended.

    • Anonymous

      I should be able to poop in public, it is totally natural and my right. If it makes people uncomfortable they should just look away, simple right?

      • Anonymous

        Dogs can poop in public, are we going to let dogs have more freedoms than people? Get real. I am going to poop outside to preserve our human freedoms.

      • Leah

        You pooping in public is not the same thing as eating in public….just FYI

      • Tim Bucktu

        but what if he eats the poop afterward.

      • Anonymous

        Ok…so I can give my boyfriend a blow job in public… After all it is just sucking on a body part and they have shown that seven does have calories so it could be eating.

      • Are you serious?

        Breastfeeding isn’t done to achieve sexual satisfaction. Blowing your boyfriend is. Get real, and grow up. And please, don’t procreate. You sound like a future molester.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh you are so creative and edgy, lets go get mimosas! ~ 90% of the women that watch this.

  7. Boobs

    As a father I love to see women breast feeding in public. It does make me miss those juicy juggly milk boobs my wife had. Aaarrggg soooo good.

  8. Daniel

    As a guy, I don’t mind women breastfeeding in public. As long as you know that we ARE going to look and you are fine with it, all is good. Sorry, men like to look at boobs as much as possible even if a baby is attached to it. If you don’t like this or it offends you, you are living in a dream world….. and yes, your husband would look too. I tell my wife I don’t/wouldn’t look.

    • Leah

      Anddddd this is what is wrong with modern society

    • You're a perv Daniel

      This comment right here promotes rape culture Daniel. Congratulations, how does it feel to be a misogynistic idiot who can’t live in modern society? You probably think non-white people are second class citizens too.

  9. Patty Sanchez

    Breastfeeding IS nutrition for your baby. Life sustaining immune building liquid gold for your baby. This is the only country in the world that looks at breast feeding as sexual enticement. OMG are YOU serious? YOU feel threatened by a breast feeding mother! What has happened to our country? Breast feeding creates a BOND between mom and baby. Breast feeding IS THE BEST nutrition in the world for your baby. Babies receive natural immune building properties through breast milk and are sick less often. Mothers milk is always sterile and exactly the right temperature. Breast milk costs nothing. God provided mommy with exactly what her baby needs. Next time you see a mom breast feeding, thank her, she is saving you tax dollars, then offer to buy her lunch. Breast fed babies score higher on IQ tests, obviously you were bottle fed, my apologies.

    • sonali

      I agree. Breast milk is best nutrition for baby. Man made formula cannot even compare. People who are offended should cover their eyes instead of asking the breastfeeding mother to cover.

    • Anonymous

      I gre with your comment!! I don’t understand wthat is a big deal. I have four kids and I been bless all of them were Brest feed I don’t care about wthat other people think as long my baby is happy and healthy!! So I totaly support Brest Feeding Moms when ever and where ever they want!!To Brest Feed there baby’s!!But unfortunately this world is so wrong,to the good ,things they call wrong. And wrong ,things, they call good!! There is a lot wamans who show there Bobys only for a pleasure!! And no body say anything about that.Ahahaha??? So please respect every Moms who want to Brest Feed there baby. Is natural a good for baby’s and I’m very sure that Heavely father is happy also!!Because we are doing the Right Thing!!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve got an IQ of 145, have a Masters degree and have no problems understanding you. Oh…by the way… I was NEVER breast red. I was adopted and therefore there was no “BEST” milk available. Your argument is blatantly false. Oh. I hope you could understand what I wrote.

  10. Nope

    How hard is it to pump before you go out or breastfeed in the restroom?? You know your going out to dinner or shopping pump before you go… I don’t want to be out eating with my family and look over and see boobs hanging out… I have a child never breastfed her and don’t want her seeing that out at the park during play time… I don’t want to see that any more then I want to see half naked women walking around the neighborhood… Cover up or pump before you leave!!

    • Cookies

      What an ignorant comment, you clearly have no idea about the issues that can arise from pumping and breastfeeding simultaneously. how hard can it be? Many babies won’t take a bottle full stop despite efforts on the mothers part.

      But you don’t know because you never did it yourself.

      Judgemental much?!

      Oh and FYI making breasts sexual is more damaging to your little girl than showing her what they are naturally intended for.

      Enjoy living in your glass house.

      • Linda

        This video is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!! I breastfed both my boys and I’m so glad I made that choice. It was a special time. I tried to be very discreet so I wouldn’t offend people. I’ve sat in smelly, gross restrooms and hot cars more times than I can count. My kids would not take a bottle from me. When I was in public, I used a light blanket, and I doubt anyone ever saw anything.

        I think we as a country need to get over this and support breastfeeding moms. I’m more concerned about the 6 foot boobs flaunted in front of Victoria’s Secret and the raunchy commercials during sports events that kids are exposed to these days. What societal pressure is there to get these women to cover up?? This whole thing is so frustrating!

    • Anonymous

      Would you want to eat your breakfast lunch or dinner in a damn bathroom stall. You are an idiot and ignorant. There are many people who don’t even want to use the public bathroom for its intended purpose. I know I certainly would never feed my child in a bathroom just for the sake of people like you smh. I certainly agree we can cover up but even that can be a task. Pumping before may or may not be an option..jerk

    • Anonymous

      My son would not bottle feed. He went from breast to cup. What then?

    • Anonymous

      And then feed it to them with what?a bottle?that they wont take?I tell u what Il carry a blanket with me….so you and your child can hide and eat so u cant see the horror of my child eating?would that help?

    • Anonymous

      My son did not want to take a bottle!!! Thats why I personally couldn’t pump before hand!! And that was fine by me ♡
      Next time You go out I want Your food to go cold and then get it reheated..oh or go to the washroom and eat Your food there!!! SO NICE!! Are you kidding me??
      How can people think breatfeeding is disgusting? I really do not get that!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Yes please! I love tits and the more I can see the better. Yey for breastfeeding in public

  12. Trish

    Wow! I read through all the comments and there is a whole lot of crazy up in here! Personally, I love those posts from the men. Your honesty is so refreshing,truly. I remember my husband wouldn’t dare let me cover up at home, he thought my breasts were magical. I breastfed all three of my children and my husband loved it too, BTW. If you have a life, which I did, no you cannot always pump before you go. I only had a bottle pumped if I was the one driving and needed a baby fed. Or, if I was GONE and DAD was feeding instead. Out in public, I covered up. Why, cause I didn’t want anyone BUT my husband to see my ‘num-mums’. It took work to find the right method of cover for each child; sometimes it’s just facing a different direction, but where there is a will, there is a way. That’s MY experience.

  13. Anonymous

    If a woman chooses to breastfeed, this is her right. If a man sees, there is a good chance he will be interested. This is human nature. Sure there are plenty of feminists who will demonize the man but this is a part of being human. A gentleman would look, then kindly turn his head out of respect. Master our passions and problems like this go away.

    • Anonymous

      Ok. I’m going to start videotaping every woman I come across breast feeding. Then I’m going to post all those videos on YouTube. I mean if it’s such a beautiful thing we should all be able to share, right?

  14. Carrie

    Just a bunch of feminist batches that want to start shit for something insane like exposing themselves in public. I am for one completely against breastfeeding in public. It’s public indecency and just inappropriate for children of other families to see. Taking out your breasts in public just shouldn’t be Okay. I understand it’s natural but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to see your boobs while buying an ice cream cone or a hot dog. Pump and carry a bottle with you, like I plan to do in the next few months, when you are in public.

    • kremdiner

      You should just take your meds and stay inside

    • Anonymous

      Seriously I hope ur baby refuses bottle and will only take boob

    • Jennifer

      1. Boy are you in for a surprise. Enjoy your “awakening” in the next couple of months.

      2. Ok. Lets ban breastfeeding in public as long as we also ban bikinis, clothing that shows cleavage, spandex, yoga pants… Oh hell, let’s just cover all the women in Burkas and B done with it!!!

  15. Brasser

    Wtf…….. Wat doen you call your self “land of the free” my ass. Come and a real free land called the Netherlands.

  16. Dolly

    Nuts people are nuts! God make Breast to feed our young! It is easy no warming up no getting ready ! Always the right temp! Ready to go any where! It is better for the child to be breastfeed! You.can alway cover up the child and let them nurse. Know one needs to see when you are out in in public. I breastfeed my two boys tell they was 3. Never did I ever have any one say I should not be doing in public because you could not see that was going on.

  17. joe

    All animals except people are allowed to eat,shit and fuck in public. What is the problem with people?

  18. Oli

    I’m a woman – and I find it offensive. But because of the bullying tactics of women like this – the condescending way she makes her point – if I am at a restaurant or public area where some woman with absolutely zero regard for anyone else around her, decides it’s her “right” to whip out her breast and feed her child – I leave the establishment or area because God Forbid you say something – the expletives that some of you “mom’s” can spew out of your mommy mouths would make a hardened criminal blush.

    • Stacy

      You’ll notice in the video she isn’t just slapping it on the table… She’s feeding fairly discreetly, just without a cover. There are miles of difference between the two, IMO.

      The law that breastfeeding in public is legal enables mothers to provide their children with life sustaining sustenance without it being a criminal offense. It does not exist to arbitrate taste or social conduct.

  19. joeshmoe

    Why does everyone keep saying it’s not fair for a woman to have a blanket over her head while breastfeeding? Since when does a woman cover her own head to breastfeed? That’s just ridiculous. throw a small baby blanket over your shoulder, and just block the view of the baby on your breast…it’s pretty simple really. This is what my wife does. Breastfeeding in public is not a big deal, but just use a little discretion; some people don’t want to see other women’s breasts is all. Seems like common courtesy to me. I mean, should I walk around with my balls showing?

    • Jessie

      …but…your balls don’t feed babies. That’s the difference.

    • Anonymous

      No but then I doubt ur balls would suffer from heat stroke if covered with a blanket?I could be wrong funnily enough I don’t have any

  20. val2maw

    Wow, just wow. Just a few things worth thinking about. Defecating or urinating in public is not remotely the same as breastfeeding. They aren’t allowed because they are unhygienic. BF causes absolutely zero harm to anyones health so you can’t compare them. Maybe compare it to seeing a cow feed her calf, or a dog feed puppies i.e. totally normal. For those of you who don’t like seeing it, you are simply not used to it. Please open your minds. Before formula milk was invented (pre WWII), it was perfectly normal for children and adults around mothers to see them breastfeeding and see other women breastfeed (wet nursing). Wind back the clock and this could be an argument about seeing a women in a pair of trousers. Women wore skirts and dresses until the war. People just weren’t used to seeing them in trousers so it made them feel uncomfortable. You wouldn’t bat an eyelid now and you wouldn’t if you always saw breastfeeders. My final point is pumping before going out. That is a mother’s choice and no one else’s. Just like it is your choice whether you fill up a bottle of water at home or buy one when you are out. I would never judge someone for buying bottle of water. Even though it’s cheaper for you & better for the environment to refill, maybe you didn’t have time to wash one up, or you didn’t expect it to be hot when you left the house. There is not one single argument as to why women should not feed when and where their child in hungry other than SHE may choose not to. Great video btw.

  21. Karen Whalen

    OMG! BEST EVER!!! LOVE IT!!! So very true! As a mom of 3 breastfed babies, (grown now), I am so proud that I did it and was discreet as possible but really? I should have not felt that I had to be! Awesome little digs! People that react with such disgust really have issues!

  22. anonymous

    I will be honest and say that witnessing someone breastfeed is uncomfortable for me. But would I be a jerk and complain about it? Absolutely not, I will simply look away. It’s that momma’s right to breastfeed where ever she chooses. And when I breast feed, I am uncomfortable exposing myself, even if there is a baby attached, so I do it in private. People just need to realize breastfeeding is a thing..it happens, and if you don’t like it, simply don’t look…

  23. Anonymous

    As a 42 year old woman without children. I don’t care so much about the boob being out, but in all honestly I would rather not see or hear your children at all. There is a time and a place. Children are not welcome everywhere. Many people chose to not have them for a reason. All of society does should not be forced to look at and listen to your little brats. It has nothing to do with boobs. A lot of people find babies disgusting in general.

    • Sally

      No offense but YOU ARE A BRAT! What are we supposed to do with our children then leave them at home all the time never let them out of the house like they are prisoners! you are very very very old fasioned are yoi sure you are not older then 42 like 65 or something that whole crap about children are to be seen not heard is from like 1950’s we are in the year 2015 it does not apply anymore get with the year you old geezer. you are not married with children probably because no guy ever asked they didn’t want to marry you not because you made the choice to not marry or you could have married and not had children thats your choice. I hope you die alone in your bed and no one mourns your death or goes to your funeral with an attitude like yours I can’t imagine you have too many friends.

      • Anon

        Very uncalled for Sally. And she did not say she was not married, just that she preferred not to have kids. And I agree, I do not want to hear children crying and screaming in public. I don’t like them and seriously doubt that I will ever want them. But wishing lonely deaths on people is what is truly disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you should not procreate so we don’t have another generation of hatefulness bred from your family line. I’m sure you could be considered a reason some people never want children.

  24. Harold Bowlby

    I am a conservative minister, but as a child I witnessed women breast-feeding even in Church. I have never felt uncomfortable about it. It is a natural and beautiful moment. Those who would exploit such a moment for their own sexual interest have a real problem. Our society has exploited women and have made breasts an object of sexual desire to such an extent that decent women are afraid to participate in this perfectly natural activity. Women should not have to be made to feel ashamed of breast-feeding in public!

  25. Claudia

    I think this video is very offensive!! Especially for Mother who just want to have healthy and happy kids! I Stronggly desagree with this kind of videos . And I Stronggly Support BreastFeeading!!

    • Momo

      You didn’t watch it did you. It was a satire. In other words, she was pointing out how stupid people criticize breast feeding are.

    • Mike

      I would strongly support any action that kept you from posting online about ANYTHING ever again. Moron.

  26. Katelyn

    Obviously, this is sarcasm. She is in total support for public breastfeeding. This is hilarious, and makes a great point! Great video. This breastfeeding mama truly enjoyed it.

  27. Dorcy Pruter

    Ahahaha this is fantastic! You are awesome! I breast fed both of my children and I lived in the south at the time. People would get so freaked out. I did not care what they thought. This video is so funny. Your facial expressions are the best. I always loved it when people would come to my house to visit (in-laws) and they would be uncomfortable if I would feed my baby in the living room. At their house, I had to go into the bedroom to breastfeed. So silly. Breastfeed on ladies it is what is best for your breast…
    I mean best for your babies:-) Enjoy your day!

  28. JizzyMomKissMyAss

    This fugen idiot woman in the video is a waste of space.

  29. MarLenE

    Her reasons are stupid. She is hating since maybe she didn’t get to breastfeed her kids and is envious of those that have the gift to breastfeed in public!

    • Momo

      Wow you’re a dumb one aren’t you? It’s a satire. Their dumb because she is implying people that say those sort of things are dumb. She supports breastfeeding.

  30. Liz

    Having breast fed three for (9 months, 6 months, 18 months) in malls, at church services, countless restaurants, friend’s homes, on air planes, in parks, in Europe, USA, Canada and with visitors in our home; I was never once made to feel uncomfortable or needing to move. I carried a thin wrap with me, and tucked a corner of it into my upper shoulder bra stap, baby could see me and I could see the baby.. no one else most of the time knew what was happening. There was no hiding, or show… way too much of this is being made. Shame on women especially for not supporting this natural and loving need!!!

  31. Carolyn

    As a breastfeeding mother of years past, I find this all really strange that people cannot accept normal, healthy behavior. Remember, some people have tasteful behavior in all they do and others just don’t always have manners. Leave room for those struggling but still want what is best for their child. Personally, I had trouble “letting down” when I was around others- so me and baby had a nice quiet, personal time together where we could both relax and enjoy a meal!! Everyone needs to find their way, mindfully.

  32. Barbara

    I’m so sorry in seeing so much name calling. Can’t someone just state his/her opinion without attacking any writer who has a different opinion ?

  33. Kelly

    I’ve gotten just as much grief from breastfeeding moms and LC’s for giving my baby formula (I was going through chemo and she had a tongue tie that was missed until about 5 months after she was born), I recently had a self proclaimed LC confront me while I was buying my baby’s food, berating me and saying I was poisoning my baby and not doing the best for her….if she only knew I had. been going through cancer treatments and dialysis…I cried and cried. So we formula mommies get it. bad too. When will the mommy wars stop and when will people start minding their own business? Stop trying to parent other people’s children and acting like you know how to feed them and raise them better than their own mothers, as long as that baby is fed and loved then it doesn’t matter if they are breast or bottle fed! We’re all doing the best we can!

  34. Anna

    I used to only go places with a family room. Because they supplied a place to sit well you nurses and a changing station. It was the one place I wasn’t judged. Who likes to eat with a cover on their heads. The baby needs to feel comfortable and so do you to be able to give a proper feeding. How offensive. The lady with the dress with the girl holding her hand was just as exposed as someone nursing. You never see the nipple babies are always covering it. Just let it be its natural if you don’t like it don’t look. We shouldn’t have to hide because we are tired of being denied to do the right thing discreet or not.

  35. daviddesory

    It blows me away that so many moms are so clueless that they did not realize the lady was tongue in cheek. They must come from those southern red neck hillbilly states where it is OK to marry your first cousin but do not feed your baby in public. Get a life Please, do not be so ignorant.

    • Momo

      Ignorance is everywhere. Don’t stereotype one place. SMH

  36. Jurga

    I watched this video, and was offended by the aggressiveness of this lady – making such mouths throughout the video.
    And – how could a breast ever be offensive????

  37. Breastfeeder

    For all the people saying leave the baby at home actually it is difficult to do that as well!! At the weekend I was a bridesmaid for a mate and I bf my daughter obvs she came with me to ALL of the day even when I was having hair and make up done but not once did my daughter cry from getting ready to going home at night. And I fed her at the head table aswel no one batted an eye lid at me. The people saying do it discretely you are so offensive why don’t you cover your face while eating I don’t need to see that shit!!

  38. xing fen

    Good grief. Are we already living in the islamic state? Some of these comments are soo retarded. Are you still in the 17th century or what? They are breasts that have evolved over millions of years to nourish our young. Nobody is talking about dropping your pants and curling a large brown trout in a restaurant! Grow the f up!

  39. Grebewatcher

    I, too, have breasts and wish to share my random opinions related to their proper use. Speaking of which, I am enraged at inconsistent bra sizes!

    PS- someone just told me these comments are supposed to relate to some video. I didn’t watch it. But that’s ok, because I don’t approve of (nor do I understand) irony at all. Irony discriminates against people too stupid to get a joke, so I think it is wrong.

  40. Anonymous

    First of all, there are LAWS that prohibit public nudity in the USA. So my children will never see a nipple unless they see an obnoxious breastfeeding mother. Secondly, I have many children and never had to show my breasts in public to feed them. No one is saying do not feed your kid. But why can’t we as women be respectful and modest? Is that so hard? I have no problem with breastfeeding. If you are truly feeding your child as you say, then no one has to see the nipple unless you show it to them. I get the humor and sarcasm of the video and its fun. But there is an angry tone to it all. Do what you have to do and be done with it. No need for all this drama.

  41. Anne

    For those saying to leave baby with a bottle and a sitter have obviously had a breastfed baby who refused a bottle. I have had 2 that would have starved first. The third took either breast or bottle. I breastfed before those nifty covers, and indeed before breastfeeding was ‘in’ but still managed to feed my children in PUBLIC modestly. Not because I was afraid of offending anyone but because I was shy. I did NOT go into a restroom to feed the baby, that is disgusting. I fed in restaurants, dance studio waiting rooms, while wearing the baby in a sling, pushing a grocery cart (this was my son who insisted on nursing every hour for 10 minutes until he was about 4 months old) and never got any comments, but if I had they would have got an earful from me.

    • Patrick S.

      Starved? I doubt it. They may hold off until they get hungry, but no baby will starve himself. Most people are too fearful of offending to say, “hey, keep that to yourself, I don’t want to see it.” I also don’t want to see a 300 pound woman in spandex. If your child needs breastfeeding every 10 minutes, you should stay home until he can wait for an hour or two or use a breast pump and bottle.

  42. vivian

    people what do you think women did back when they lived in a one roomhouse and in the winter run outside to feed the child? my philosophy is YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T LOOK AT IT. GROW UP .BREAST WERE MEANT TO FEED OFFSPRING NOT AS A TOY FOR MEN .

    • Patrick S.

      You can’t compare breastfeeding at home and in a restaurant or mall around dozens or hundreds of strangers, including children. Breastfeeding may be natural, but so is defecating. Should we stop and drop that anywhere we feel like it?

  43. Janet

    So just wondering, if it’s okay to BF uncovered in public, is it okay for people to openly watch, or even stare?

    • Kristy

      Why would someone want to stop and watch or stare?? Feeding a baby isn’t all that interesting!

  44. Erik

    Seriously people, what is wrong with you? Coming from a european: stop worrying about something like seeing a breast in public, especially for a vers good reason, feeding a hungry baby. FYI here we have topless or even completely nude beaches and our society isn’t breaking down. Maybe start worrying about things like killing yourselves for oil by fracking, drought, or your gun control laws, which are by any global standards, truly ridiculous! A gentleman looks away if a woman is breastfeeding. Period.

  45. Anonymous

    Very St…d coment. You should make a video about girls who show off their boobs to much and without control. Feeding your child in public is fascinating caring. If need to I rather shows them while feeding rather than making slut out of my self and show them with crazy cleavage .

  46. [email protected]

    When my daughter was an infant I took her shopping with me to a strip mall on the outskirts of San Francisco. We went to Joseph Magnin’s. They had their fancy store downtown and this was their bin store. There were hardly any people in the place. As soon as we got into the store… Lucy who was in a stroller started to cry. Not wanting to disturb the one customer and the one sales lady I looked around for some privacy to nurse the baby. I went into the dressing rooms which were far removed from the main part of the store. I chose the middle most room, went in, shut and locked the door. In the meantime Lucy was still crying… I nursed her and she stopped crying. We went back into the main part of the store and I could see an older women.. maybe in her forties, talking to the sales person. The sales person scurried from behind the counter approached me and told me I had to leave the store because I had offended the customers with … she made a circle gesture encompassing my breasts and the baby in the stroller…implying nursing the baby. Boy if it had been today I would have told her to go fuck herself… but I was a little stunned…and to tell the truth it was a fantasy that I thought I would be able to shop with an infant in a stroller lol. So I left. When I told the father of my child about it that night he of course was outraged and we toyed with the idea of having a nurse-in at the store with all our friends who were breastfeeding infants at the time. That would have been a hoot.

  47. Amanda

    I don’t normally post on stuff like this but after reading the comments I couldn’t help it. First, breastfeeding in public is perfectly legal and everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. Breast feeding in public isn’t any different than bottle feeding in public. The nipple is covered for about 99% of the time and most women who breastfeed in public are discreet. But the fact that so many people make breastfeeding in public an issue is the problem, not the actual occurrence. Why are men able to walk around without shirts on but as soon as a women exposes her breast for a minute to feed her child it becomes and issue? Mind you, this isn’t an issue in any other developed country. If you get offended by it, leave or look away, that is your right. Just as it is a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. There shouldn’t be this much hostility over it. I chose to breastfeed and have been doing so for 18 months but I fully support the women who chose th formula feed because you are still feeding your child and showing them all the love they need. We need to stop making issues where their shouldn’t be one!

  48. Jen

    Dairy-free. BAM!

    Put the boobs away ladies … nothing to see here. Move it along. Move it along. ; )~

    I landed here by accident kinda sorta since I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but seriously LOVED it.

  49. Sheila

    hahahaha…so many..so so many not so perceptive people out there..calm down people, she is being sarcastic…watch the video again, and breathe

  50. mickalee

    i breastfed all three of my kids but NEVER ,,, in public…I am positive that my Mum and Pop have sex because it is totally natural, but I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT!….I am equally as sure that my brother likes to tug at his wanker, also natural, and thankfully we have become a more sophisticated society and don’t have men running around in loin cloths with hairy balls flinging about…..no one wants to see that….just like I do not want to see my sister in laws ugly boobs, that she felt like plopping out in front of the whole family at every opportune moment she could,, to breast feed her little monsters….some people just like to shit all over the decency of a more refined society,… manners and decorum sadly disintegrated with the sense of entitlement and the enabling of liberal propaganda crap!

  51. stacey

    Lmmfao! Seriously? The comments from the ignorant and intolerant people were funnier than the video. . I breastfed my son till he was 10 months and it was the most sweetest and loving time as a parent. My mom used to joke that she was tired of seeing my “titties” because I didn’t give a damn and he was one of those baby’s that would pull the cover away. She would get annoyed and encourage me to give him a bottle, which I preserved only for sitters. When he was with me I fed him wherever we were. We used to go out to eat all the time and we would be eating at the same time. There were times when it wasn’t convenient for me to feed him in certain places so I would relocate if need be, but it was for my convenience not anyone else’s. If you’re uncomfortable that’s not my problem.They practically show porn on TV now and it’s pretty common to see people with their brains blown out and other gory shit, but don’t show breastfeeding (which is what breasts are for) somebody might get offended. ..Get the fuck outa here with that bullshit! We mothers have a legal right and obligation to feed our children and we can plop our titties out whenever and wherever we feel like it if deemed necessary. And if you don’t want to see it, maybe You should go to the bathroom or a more “decent” place and be with your own ignorant intolerant opinions and thoughts. …I wish somebody would tell me to go to the bathroom to feed my baby. They would get cussed the fuck out plus have a lawsuit on their hands. Chile please! Have a good evening…

  52. leslie

    I breastfed two babies and had NO problem covering myself or my children. Were there times that they pulled the blanket down, of course but I quickly pulled it back up. I do not want to see someone whip out their full breast in public even if it means feeding their child. You can shop, you can enjoy outings of all sorts and still breastfeed without showing every one your breast. I don’t know why its so difficult to just throw a nursing blanket over your shoulder and accross. I keep reading everyone complain it gets hot….most places have air conditioning and the places outside are hot anyhow. I have ms and the heat totally shuts my body down…stop complaining and just cover up!

  53. Danny

    I’m just going to go tits out all the time. They’re boobs who cares.

  54. Emez

    Women have breasts to be able to feed their baby, why do we live in such a stereotypical world where womans breasts are seen as sexual objects! How does any other mammal feed their young? What a silly video!

  55. Anonymous

    I’m a breast feeding mom too. While I do agree that every mom has the right to feed wherever and when ever their baby needs it, I do think there are some considerations to be made.

    Not everybody grew up in such a modern era and seeing a woman’s breast, even for a moment, can cause great embarrassment, to both men and women. I think we need to be considerate of others and try to be as discreet as baby will allow. I don’t think we need to be “whipping them out”.

    Hopefully this consideration can go both ways. I managed to breast feed an extremely hungry baby without anyone getting a glimpse.

  56. Anonymous

    Go to hell..lady!! Your a freak and obviously live in a box for saying such things…join the real world. Everyone else has…thanks!

  57. Maggie

    Show some class , not everyone wants to see your tit hanging out of your shirt ! There is no reason you can’t throw a reciving blanket over your self. Or I don’t know maybe put your breastfeeding milk in a bottle ? Common sense people and this is coming from a mom of two

  58. Anonymous

    The issue I see here is the fact so many see breasts only as sexual. If this were my view it most certainly would be difficult to see a child latched onto a breast. It would leave me with conflicted emotions with regards to sex and children. I would be the person conflicted and emotionally uncomfortable but this would be my issue and not an issue I should impose onto those who are doing only what is natural. Give your heads a shake all you perverts and get help. There is nothing wrong with a mother nursing a child. For those of you who refer to a mothers breasts as titties, shame on you!

  59. Gracie

    I am going to say this and most of you on here will have an aneurism. I am a woman. I am straight – so fascination with boobs is not what most of us are annoyed with. Let’s get that straight – its not that most of us are offended – we are annoyed. You are not entitled to do what you want because you have a child. Get it? if it bothers someone – then you should be just as respectful towards their issue and you expect them to be to you. That is an awesome trait you are teaching your children. We live in such a selfish society and dont respect each other as it is, so I commend you for continuing that cycle. That is what the issue is. This “deal with it my kid is hungry” attitude is what is wrong with it. I dont owe anything to your kid. Chances are they wont care others as they get older. And yes, I am a parent. And yes – I breast fed. And yes I respected others when I knew it made them uncomfortable.

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  61. Anonymous

    EVERYONE HERE IS INCREDIBLY IGNORANT AND DISRESPECTFUL TOWARDS WOMEN WHO GIVE UP SOOOOO MUCH FOR THEIR CHILDREN. You don’t have to agree with everyone but you can at least be gracious enough to respect others. This video is great and everyone needs to think about how hard the job of a mother is.

  62. Di

    I cannot believe this is still an issue. I breast fed my babies, my youngest is 34, my oldest will be 37 tomorrow.

    In 79 while visiting “friends” my son needed to eat, we were just sitting around the living room so I took out a receiving blanket and started to feed him. The woman had just finished saying I was not a real woman because I had an emergency c-section and I should have just sucked it up and given birth like a real woman. I had been in labour for 5 days, it was not for lack of trying. It was have a c-section or my baby would have died.

    So I start to feed him, yes I was covered because they were not family. The woman then tells me how disgusting it was that I was a pervert for allowing my son to suckle, that breasts were made for husbands to enjoy. That was the last time we ever went to visit them, he had been one of my husband’s best friends until that point.

    Now my daughter is on her 5th baby and he is 2, she feeds him wherever she happens to be and good luck trying to cover him up lol She does not care who is around, if they don’t like it they don’t have to look, period. He is now to the age where she is telling him no and he put on the biggest lip and crosses his arm when he wants it. lol He use to try to get my boobs, we had to explain that gramma does not have milk. Now it’s mummy or nothing and he will just pout. lol

    To those who think mothers should cover up, seriously, no one is forcing you to look. lol

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