10 Tips For Keeping A Clean Home If You Hate Cleaning

laundryNobody hates cleaning more than I do!  Now that I have a baby, it’s so hard to keep up with the house cleaning.  Here are some tips that I’ve been doing to help me keep up with the household duties without feeling like I’m “cleaning”:

1) Get Rid Of Clutter – It’s easy to say “get rid of clutter”, but harder to actually do it.  If you always want to save things because you think you may need them later….don’t!  Chances are when you do actually need the thing you’ve been saving for years “just in case”, you won’t even be able to find it!  If you don’t use it now, throw it away!

2) Clean As You G0 – This makes things so much more simple.  If you’re in the bathroom and notice splatter on the mirror – give it a quick wipe down.  It’s so much easier to clean as you go and will take you less than a minute!

3)  Keep Cleaning Products Handy – This ties in with the clean as you go method.  You are so much more likely to just wipe down that counter or mirror if the cleaning products are right there under the sink.  I suggest keeping individual sets of cleaning products in each bathroom of your house and another set in the kitchen.

4) 10 Minutes A Day Keeps The Tornado Away – If you set a rule to dedicate 10 minutes a day to picking up clutter, you’re house will stay looking tidy all the time.  Make it a rule for everyone in the house to spend 10 minutes together a day tidying up and you will thank yourself later!



5) Open Mail Every Day – Mail clutter can build up in just a few days!  Avoid the build up by throwing junk mail in the recycle bin right away and opening every piece of mail as it comes in.  I have an over the door magazine organizer in my office.  I file everything there as it comes in.  Then after paying bills I either throw them away, or file them in a filing cabinet.  Also, go paperless on all your bills!

6) Do One Load Of Laundry Every Day – If you do one load of laundry every day and put it away (instead of letting it just sit in the basket) it will be so much more enjoyable than doing laundry all day on the weekends and then having tons of laundry to sort and fold!  Throwing one load of laundry in and then spending 5 minutes folding it a day is much easier!  (I need to do this more often)

7) Wipe Down Counters As You Go – Every time you make a mess in the kitchen, quickly wipe down your counters before anything dries or sticks to them.  Again, I recommend having a cleaning product handy so that it’s very “easy” and doesn’t feel like cleaning.

8) Create Mess Area – I know those sounds bad, but it’s better than having your whole house be the mess area.  If you create one space for stuff you don’t want to deal with at the moment and then deal with that stuff at least once a week you’re house will be cleaner and you’ll be happier!  I suggest that space being out of the main living area, but still in a place that you use so that you won’t let it build up over time.

9) Keep Everything Organized – I know you’re thinking “I don’t like to clean to begin with, what makes you think I’m organized”.  I am not organized by nature, but I’ve found by keeping my house organized it helps with the cleaning and I am less likely to let my house turn into a tornado.  I’m not saying i’m always organized, I’m saying I try to be as organized as possible.  When I look into my cupboards or closets and see a big pile of mess and disorganization, I know that I’ve let it go too far!  I don’t try to tackle it all at once, I simply do one space a day.  You can do a whole closet, or just one shelf.  A little at a time is all you need to be doing.

10) Wash Dishes Right Away – Make it a goal to keep your  kitchen sink free and clear of dishes!  Every time you use a dish, put it in the dishwasher immediately.  For me emptying the dish washer is the most annoying part so I’ve just made it part of my morning breakfast routine.

dirty dishes 2

When All Else Fails…Hire A Cleaning Service!  When you are at your wits end and feel like it’s just too much to tackle, there’s nothing wrong with calling in a little help.  If the thought of paying someone to clean your house doesn’t bother you, then perfect you have a clean house!  If the thought of paying someone to clean your house does bother you then hopefully it will bother you so much that you’ll be motivated to clean it yourself!  Either way it’s a win!

What techniques do you use to keep your house clean without feeling like you’re cleaning?  Don’t forget to Share this with your friends on Facebook!